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Creating a greener future is a necessity. At AAAS, we’re working hard for that future by ensuring environmental scientists have a meaningful voice and can connect with decision-makers in government, business, and media. But to keep making an impact, we need your help.

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  • Empowering environmental scientists to impact policymaking through our Science & Technology Policy Fellowship, which places science and engineering fellows in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government where they impact every type of environmental issue including climate resilience, sustainable energy, natural resource management, and ocean health.
  • Helping decision-makers pass policies to improve the environment through the Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues (EPI Center), which provides scientific data and tools for building more sustainable communities and mitigating the environmental impacts of natural resource extraction, energy production, chemical contaminants, and more.
  • Ensuring reporters have access to the latest environmental science through SciLine, an editorially independent, nonpartisan service that connects local and national journalists to scientists, provides media briefings, and coordinates interviews with experts in climate change, renewable energy, meteorology, agriculture, and additional fields related to the environment and other concerns.

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