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At AAAS, we've built a long legacy of advocating for science and supporting those in STEMM. Help us ensure science remains as beneficial to our future as it has been to our past. Join at the Silver Level or above and receive our exclusive Science throwback tote bag!

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You care about science. At AAAS, we share your passion—and we’ve been turning that passion into action for 175 years.

We stand up for science every day. When you stand with us, you strengthen the future of science through your support of our four strategic pillars:

  • Advancing scientific excellence and achievement by empowering a robust research ecosystem that drives innovation and prepares future scientists and engineers.
  • Fostering equity and inclusion for scientific excellence by supporting the diverse, equitable, and inclusive scientific enterprise.
  • Building trust among scientists and communities and being a valued source of scientific information that is foundational to countering misinformation.
  • Catalyzing progress where science meets policy by providing actionable evidence for public policy that serves society and promotes policies that enable quality science.

In addition to creating a brighter outlook for science and society, when you join AAAS at the Silver Level or above, you’ll get a year-long subscription to Science, access to our Member Community, members-only discounts with AAAS partners, and our exclusive Science throwback tote bag.

You understand the value of science, not just for today, but for the future as well. Become a AAAS Member and help us keep science at the forefront.