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Ensuring Tomorrow Is Full of Answers

There are many pressing questions we’re facing today. Not all of the answers are known—but, at AAAS, we know that finding them requires supporting science at every level and in every way. That’s what we’ve done for 175 years, and there’s even more we’ll be doing going forward. Help us ignite progress for the next 175 years by becoming a AAAS Member today. If you join at the Silver Level or above, you’ll get an exclusive mouse pad and notebook.

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Igniting Progress for the Next 175 Years

From healing the sick to feeding the hungry to protecting the planet, great progress is possible if we support the sciences and all who engage in scientific endeavors. During the 175th anniversary of AAAS, we’re focused on laying the groundwork for a hope-filled future where science is a better guide than ever before.

We know that igniting progress will take an inclusive, mobilized, and global scientific community. We also know we need leaders at every level who will make science-informed decisions and actions. To create this future, we’re committed to:

  • Advancing scientific excellence and achievement by recognizing, inspiring, and enabling a robust research ecosystem that drives discovery and innovation and prepares future scientists and engineers.
  • Fostering equity and inclusion for scientific excellence by supporting the diverse, equitable, open, and inclusive scientific enterprise that is essential for scientific excellence.
  • Building trust among scientists and communities and being a valued source of accurate scientific information that is foundational to countering misinformation.
  • Catalyzing progress where science meets policy by providing actionable evidence for public policy that serves society and promotes policies that enable quality science.

We’re already doing the work by supporting initiatives large and small. We worked with legislators and policymakers on the CHIPS and Science Act, a five-year, $280 billion investment in semiconductors, research and development in emerging STEM fields, and supply-chain innovation. We also continued to lead the way forward with SEA Change, a comprehensive initiative to advance higher education institutional transformation in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the coming months and years, we’ll be doing even more.

Now is the time to act and shape a future of true scientific and societal progress. We have the pillars in place and are ready to lead the charge. Will you join us?

By becoming a AAAS Member, you will help us ensure a brighter future for all. Plus, when you join at the Silver Level or above, we’ll send you an exclusive mouse pad and notebook. Or, if you’re already a member, donate now and add to our ability to support the sciences.

Today is full of questions—but tomorrow can be full of answers. It all starts with science.