The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) and the

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

two professional organizations that work for postdocs!



The NPA is Your Advocate

Since its inception, the NPA has been influential in affecting policy at institutions and government funding agencies on training and career development for postdocs.

Why Join the NPA?
The NPA is your national advocate for postdocs.
The NPA is your national resource on issues affecting postdocs.
The NPA is your network for keeping in touch with the postdoc community.
Joining the NPA is an investment in your future.

AAAS supports the NPA and Postdocs
AAAS is at the forefront of helping young scientists advance their careers and has been a major financial supporter of the NPA since its founding. Along with publishing the high-impact journal Science, AAAS supports career development for young scientists, including postdocs, through programs like Science Careers, fellowships, and internships for scientific publishing.

Why Join AAAS?
AAAS is a nonprofit organization that promotes science education for all.
AAAS sponsors fellowships in Washington, D.C., to promote science policy.
You'll receive a year's subscription to the journal Science.

Help AAAS and NPA continue to be the leading voice for young scientists.

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