We stand strong. We speak up for science.

It’s time to stand together as forceful advocates for science and science policy.

For 170 years, AAAS has been the most recognized and most effective force to move forward with science and technology for the benefit of all people.

We are committed to being a leader on issues that include climate change, biomedical research, STEM education, energy policy, space exploration and more.

AAAS will continue to be a strong advocate on all matters related to science funding and policy, and remains committed to being a nonpartisan voice for science.

Our history of leadership includes:

  • Communicating climate change science to government leaders for over 50 years.
  • Promoting investment in scientific research and providing the most comprehensive analysis of R&D funding.
  • Training thousands of scientists and engineers to effectively communicate research and its important implications through workshops and fellowships.

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