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Find your community, change the conversation. We are science advocates – scientists from every discipline, people from all walks of life – who share your passion for evidence-based decision making, and we understand the value of rigorous inquiry. You’ll receive all the tools you need to advocate on issues related to biomedical research, STEM education, energy policy, climate change and more.

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We’re a community dedicated to knowledge sharing and awareness building. We provide as much information as possible to the public through white papers, reports, and other community resources. But only members have access the latest-breaking research and news in the science and technology community in our weekly journal, Science, as well as free or discounted access to certificate-level courses and event registrations.

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Ensure elected officials can make policies based on evidence and research. Your membership supports our government relations team and directly impacts their ability to communicate science on climate change, vaccines, and other issues directly to government leaders. We have been a top resource for policymakers for 150 years, and together, we can help them make better policies for the benefit of everyone.

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We believe your work can change the world. And the power to create change only grows when we work together. Organize campus events, connect with fellow members, and inspire collaboration. As an AAAS member, you’ll have opportunities to apply for AAAS fellowships or volunteer to help connect and support human rights organizations that are in need of scientific and technical expertise around the world.

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Get the word out. We’ll give you the tools to develop your communication skills, work with your community, and engage the media to spread your message. From social media, to tips on writing effective op-eds, and talking to unlikely science allies and beyond, AAAS trains thousands of scientists and engineers to effectively communicate research and its important implications to the public.

Advocate for Science today. Join Us.